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PostSubject: OFFICIAL FORUM RULES   Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:30 pm

THE PURPOSE OF THE RULES: To keep EVERYONE on our message boards safe and free to browse wherever they’d like. This is meant to be a safe-haven for young people around the world to come and interact. Follow the rules below to keep you and others accountable. We appreciate your cooperation in considering each rule as you write your content. God bless and have fun!

THE CONSEQUENCES: With rules come consequences for breaking the rules. We take these guidelines very seriously and are prepared to take the following course of action with users who choose to break them:
• First Offense: Warning
• Second Offense: Temporary Suspension
• Third Offense: Lifetime Ban

When reading through the rules, please note that they apply to any area of the message board: posts, thread titles, signatures and user profiles. This includes any website address that you link to.
If rule-breaking content is found on that site, it WILL count as an offense.

We must limit each user to one username on the forum. Please do not register more than one username per user.
After registration, you will need to wait for your account to be activated, This process may take up to 1-3 days.

Please do not post personal information such as your Full Name, The city in which you live, your picture…etc. on your profile.
Do not set your avatar to a real picture of you, and we prefer that you choose your avatar from our list provided on Photo Bucket. (That list will be available soon)

The following content is not permissible!
• Vulgar material, swearing, taking the Lord’s name in vain
• Murder, suicide & graphic violence
• Alcohol, smoking, drugs of any kind
• Threats or harassment toward ANYONE
• Mysticism, voodoo, witchcraft, or evil spells
• Commercial spamming
• Boyfriend/Girlfriend topics

We are not responsible for inappropriate content posted by users of the forum; However, if you see any content that violates the rules here, please notify the Administrator immediately!
We reserve the right to delete and/or modify any posts without explanation.
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